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Welcome to Negocios con Impacto's Business Round: Encuentro+B 2023:
Accelerating Collective Action.

We aim to connect and empower various types of organizations participating in Encuentro+B, facilitating business meetings to establish new partnerships among organizations and diverse stakeholders from Latin America. Our goal is to address society's most critical challenges and inspire market-based solutions, creating business connections, financial opportunities, and/or links with new strategic allies.

The Round consists of a space where participants can have 20-minute business meetings with different organizations as each participant schedules. The Round will begin with an Opening session, which will be a panel of discussions with prominent speakers, followed by the scheduled meetings, held in 20-minute blocks, with 10-minute breaks between each meeting block, in addition to a 25-minute coffee break halfway through the Business Round.

The Business Round will take place in person on Friday, October 27th, from 09:00 to 14:00. However, it involves several preliminary steps to ensure your participation, as your attendance is based on the meetings you schedule. You can schedule from 1 to 7 business meetings for the Business Round, depending on the interest and availability of each participant, as it is a self-managed agenda.

Steps to participate in the Business Round:


1.- Register:

Fill out the form with your organization or venture information.

  • Application deadline: October 26th (10:00 local time).

IMPORTANT: Completing and submitting the registration form does not guarantee your participation in the Business Round. Your participation will be confirmed based on the meetings you schedule during the scheduling phase.
Registration is individual for each participant. If more than one person from the same organization wishes to attend, each individual must fill out and submit their own registration form and schedule their own meetings.

2.- Schedule your meetings:

On October 17th, you will be notified via email about the start of the Scheduling phase. Each participant must, through the platform, schedule their business meetings for the day of the Round, choosing which organizations and at what times they want to meet.

  • Scheduling period: October 17th to October 26th.

3.- Attend the in-person event:

The event will take place on Friday, October 27th, starting at 09:00 hrs, at 'Palacio Municipal de Monterrey'.

Upon entering through the main entrance of the Palace, you will need to check-in (please bring the badge provided on the previous days of the Meeting). There will be a welcome reception to enjoy the panel discussion before the start of the meetings.

For any questions, feel free to contact us at

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